Integration Portal

Our API Integration Portal helps third-party developers to get access to sample data and be able to make test requests to their server during development of the integration.

The portal is available at this url:

The following steps are necessary to test the integration.

Step 1: Portal subdomain

Click on Authorize button in top right corner and enter your Riskline subdomain. You receive this from your account manager at Riskline.

Step 2: Retrieve access token

Use the sessions call api with your email and password and you will receive an access token. This token will be used to authenticate all the requests. Copy this token and go to step 3

Step 3: Login

Enter the token in the input field and click Login. Once you are authenticated, you will get access to all the APIs available for your company.

Step 4: Samples

Every API has a sample data available. Click on the GET sample API call in order to fetch the sample.

Step 5: Request to server

Once your server is ready to receive data use the POST request API call to send data to your server. Enter your endpoint in the params and additional authentication tokens if required.

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