1. Political Developments

Events that change the political landscape of a country are covered under the Political Developments category.

2. Conflict and Terrorism

Incidents that involve political violence and affect the security situation in a country are covered under the Conflict and Terrorism category.

3. Demonstrations, Strikes and Unrest

Incidents and events that involve organised or unorganised public gatherings, especially those that are disorderly or violent, are covered under the Demonstrations and Unrest category.

4. Crime and Corruption

Incidents that involve an illegal – often violent – action directed against civilians, especially foreign nationals, that lack a political motivation are covered under the Crime and Corruption category.

5. Natural and Environmental

Geological and meteorological phenomena as well as environmental conditions that have the potential to impact travel or public safety are covered under the Natural and Environmental category.

6. Health and Medical

Incidents and events that could cause harm to an individual’s health or affect medical care are included in the Health and Medical category.

7. Travel Safety and Disruptions

Events and incidents that cause travel disruptions and/or impact on public safety, but do not necessarily conform to the above categories are including in the Travel Safety and Disruptions category.

The numbers represent the category-id and will not change.

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