Pre-Travel Advisories (PTAs)


A URL endpoint where we will POST the data.

The data is json encoded. We also provide a form data option (application/x-www-form-urlencoded).

An initial sync is provided to populate the database on your end. After that, we push data only when risk levels change or when advisories for that country are updated.

PTAs contain risk level, risk advisories (not risk alerts), summaries and custom text boxes that are added by admins on their Riskline portal. The text boxes can be country specific or global (for all countries) and also visible only for certain risk levels.


Please respond with status 2xx


file: string, base64encoded file contents

country: string, uppercase, country iso code 2 letters

risk_level: string, if client on Riskline manages its own risk levels for each country

client_id: integer

Please note that the risk_level for this API is not a string, but an integer (due to historical reasons).



"file": base64encodedfile,

"country": AZ,

"risk_level": "Low",

"client_id": 84536


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