Country Report


A URL endpoint where we will POST the data:


Once a URL is provided to use, we will send the data over. The data is updated each time it is changing.


The data is json encoded.


country: string, uppercase, country iso code 2 letters

risk_level: integer, from 1 to 5: Low, Moderate, Medium, High, Extreme

client_id: integer

geometries: array of polygons

pdf: url of downloadable PDF document

chapters: array of report chapters

---- chapter_id: integer

---- title: string

---- risk_level: integer, from 1 to 5 (optional)

---- sections: array of sections/texts

--------- chapter_id: integer

--------- title: string (optional)

--------- text: text

--------- subcategory_id: integer (matches alert categories, if you need to display related alerts)

--------- subcategory: string (matches alert categories)

Please note that the risk_level for this API is not a string, but an integer (due to historical reasons).


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