Country Report


A URL endpoint where we will POST the data:


Once a URL is provided to use, we will send the data over. The data is updated each time it is changing.


The data is json encoded.


Please respond with status 2xx


country: string, uppercase, country iso code 2 letters

risk_level: integer, from 1 to 5: Low, Moderate, Medium, High, Extreme

client_id: integer

geometries: array of polygons

pdf: url of downloadable PDF document

chapters: array of report chapters

---- chapter_id: integer

---- title: string

---- risk_level: integer, from 1 to 5 (optional)

---- sections: array of sections/texts

--------- chapter_id: integer

--------- title: string (optional)

--------- text: text

--------- subcategory_id: integer (matches alert categories, if you need to display related alerts)

--------- subcategory: string (matches alert categories)

Please note that the risk_level for this API is not a string, but an integer (due to historical reasons).


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